About Us

Mudd Butt Baits started out with one fishing bait mold for personal use. Then two molds and then three, as friends needed baits and the pictures of personal best fish started rolling in, a light bulb went off.  Now a manufacturer of soft plastic fishing baits, jigs spinner baits used by all ages and at all levels of experience.  With fishing in our blood from day one, this was the only logical next step.  In business, they say to offer what the buyers needs at a great price and even better quality. I pride myself on providing this to every person purchasing products from Mudd Butt Baits. Being a angler for pan, bass and walleye, soft plastic baits was a must.  With the time, money and quality of the baits all taken into factor, it did not make much sense to keep spending my hard earned money on fishing baits that would last one or two fish. Something had to change, I started with many different supplies from different companies and now on my 8th year can say that I offer a top of the line product and have gotten my line of products to a place where anglers are saving money by catching more fish per bait and catching more fish per trip.  I started with fishing baits that no one else had, making a complete custom bait was going to be my deal.  This is my corner stone, offering you a bait that you custom build to your specs.  You can order 3 packs or 300 packs of a bait and color that no one else has. With this as an option the customer base grew fast, as did the number of baits in the line.  As the line grew, so did the requests from some of the standard baits. Offering over 50 different baits, in thousands of combinations, you can never go wrong.  Things started to progress and number of fishing stories and picture of fish caught grew. I get so much joy out of knowing that I produced something with my own two hands and it was a apart of your fishing experience.  I can say that this is not job, it is an adventure. I can also say that providing you with a high quality product, providing above average customer service and constantly improving and growing the line is my number one goal.  Having a son and daughter that both love fishing, working in the shop and seeing that they have also had a part in making memories for so many brings they joy too.  If your reading this and have already giving some of my products a try, I thank you.  If your on the fence about trying the products, I can assure you that you will not be making a mistake by adding, Mudd Butt Baits to your box.  Have a great day.