Thomas Catlin

Fast and friendly service is a big plus in my book!!! Baits are great, good colors and they hold up good! Mudd Butt Baits does awesome work!

Jonathon Corray

Great customer service and super fast shipping!!!! Most importantly Bill Copus has a solution to any of your needs and always ready to help with anything.

David Riggleman

Quick turn around on baits you order excellent baits that no one else has and they do produce results no matter where you are fishing. By far the best baits for the best price

Mason Gledmeyer

Greatest thing I’d have to say is the same day shipping! Helped me with everything I needed. Great company!

Charles Munday

Every order I got was perfect and no one has these baits but you.

Matthew Caylor

I enjoy that I can swing by your shop and get whatever I need and sit and shoot the shit with you. You have sold me stuff right out of your boat on the water that I needed during a tournament and your baits are always awesome!!!!

Mike Weichbrod

My experience has been awesome. When I place an order I have it with in two days and the plastic that is used to make the baits is by far the most durable I have used. Great Customer Service!!!

Ron Torrsi,

When I first met Bill at a store in Madison, WI and saw his baits I thought they were different, unique in a sense, I was never skeptical, these baits were different I thought yeah these will work. So I bought 4 or 5 bags, well I was very impressed. I fished them on a chatter bait and as a trailer on a swim jig. They swim really well, the action is great. That day I caught 10 bass over 14 inches with the biggest being 19, I will be purchasing more of his baits in the spring.

Shane Ralls,

I’ve fished for 45 years, since I was a little boy. I’ve tried every kind of bait on the market. I’ve learned that if you don’t have confidence in the bait, it can affect your success. When I received my demo pack of Mudd Butt Baits, all I could think was,”These baits are different, but they look good.” On my second cast with the Pitch n Twitch, my confidence went through the roof! I pitched it next to a weed bed and got hit almost instantly. Being December, I was surprised at how fast he hit it and pulled the hook. I let the bait sink again, twitched it and boom, he hit again. This time I made a good hook set and caught s nice 2 pounder. I caught 6 nice keepers that cold, windy December day. The cool thing is that the bait wasn’t hurt at all. It holds up to a lot of fish. The next day I fished with the white frog only. In 50 degree water, I caught three more in a creek channel. I am a true believer in Mudd Butt Baits and cannot wait to hit the tournaments this year. Mudd Butt Baits truly are game changers! When others are having tough fishing days, I’ll be smiling all the way to the weigh in. I am confident that Mudd Butt Baits work in any condition due to their action in the water.

Jimmie Pigron,

I can tell you fishing the waters in La for Bass is tough, there are a lot of guys throwing bait at them. Having custom baits from up north with Mudd Butt Baits,  gives me an advantage over anglers here because the baits are different from what the bass are used to seeing. I have caught a few this winter and can’t wait to work the top water Floating Frog and Pitch’n Twitch this spring.

 Dave St.Andrew,

I love the action of the Slip on Skirts, it adds a whole new dimension of action to my baits, which I fish primarily weightless, the slow fall of the baits paired with the action of the skirts makes for a killer presentation. These will put fish in your boat for sure.

William Novota,

My Sample Pack came today and these look like they will be lots of fun and have some awesome action !!! Thank-you this is a Great way for people to see what you have and also the Quality.


Michael Meier

I must say I’m very impressed with your plastics and quick delivery! I love the frogs that’s going to be a killer along with the skirts love it all. Especially the attention to detail. Well trimmed and the firmness is perfect. Definitely take your time and do a good job. My last soft plastic pro staff stuff was never made like this.


Rob Kurml

After throwing the PNT, Sinking and Floating frog and both Crave Craws MBB really has something different on the Market. With these baits unique design and swim patterns you have something that fish have never seen before and just simply cannot resist. Remember don’t throw your buddies bait! #WYWD

TJ Sroufe

The floating frog displaces more water than any other top water bait I’ve ever used. The weedless design allows for use in open water or the thickest of cover. If I’m fishing top water you can believe I’m throwing the Mudd Butt floating frog.

Joe Combs

Being in the south I find a frog is always part of my approach to bass fishing. Once the water warms up and the topwater bite turns on I always have one tied onto one of my poles. The floating frog to me is a must have. With the commotion it can generate in the water, it is a sure fire bass killer. Whether lightly twitched or popped in open water,  this bad boy is going to draw attention. In the slop, being able to slowly walk it through the cover is also going to produce big pay offs. I have been told many times “look for the nastiest place you can find” and that is where you will find a big bass. Those words have paid off many times with me. If you are not throwing a Mudd Butt Baits Floating Frog in the slop, then you are missing out. These frogs were designed to catch big bass. There is also not another frog like it on the market at this time. Do I believe in this frog, Yes I do, or i would not put my name on it.

Justin Walts

The first thing I noticed about Mudd Butt Baits was the versatility and quality of them.  Using the slip on skirts I changed my entire baits looks and dynamics. My favorite of the baits is the sinking Pitch & Twitch fished as a trailer on a bladed swim jig or spinner, or on a drop shot rig.  Thanks for making something that’s not like everything else on the market!  Guaranteed and proven to catch fish! Tight lines!

Floating Frog
The Floating Frog is what led me to Mudd Butt Baits initially.  I was browsing and a  popping topwater frog that has a solid body, one piece soft plastic came up. It caught my eye immediately.  I watched the videos of the Floating Frog and it was being thrown in some of the nastiest slop I have seen someone pull a topwater frog through without getting hung up.  It has a aggravating pop with just the right splash and noise to aggravate the biggest of fish. It worked flawlessly and I was sold on the spot. Now I have a Floating Frog box in a Plano 3700 series dedicated to them. And like all of the Mudd Butt Bait line, the Slip on Skirt can be used for an even more attractive profile on ten Floating Frog.
Pitch & Twitch
The Pitch & Twitch is the most versatile of all the Mudd Butt Baits in my opinion.  And let me tell you what, the action is fantastic and a tease to the fish!  It comes in a sinking or a floating variation that can be used the same depending on what your application is.  It can be used on umbrella rigs, bladed swim jigs, deep water, drop shot, vertical presentations like a spoon, or even burned across shallow flats to entice those big fish. They won’t be able to stand it.  And with all the ribs on the Mudd Butt Baits, it can be customized with the slip on skirts like all the other soft plastics from Mudd Butt Baits.
Slip on Skirt
The Slip on Skirt speaks for itself.  The Slip on Skirt can be used with any of the Mudd Butt Bait line including the 4.75 inch worm. It adds a uniqueness to each of the soft plastics by adding color variations, and profile variations that aren’t offered any where else in the market. They can be put on the baits by hand, or can be installed using the Slip on Skirt tool that Mudd Butt Baits has available for purchase.  It makes install simple, effortless and efficient.  Put the Slip on Skirt on the tool, open it and insert the Mudd Butt Bait in the Slip on Skirt it’s as simple as that!  It’s easy to remove to change colors also, just wet the soft plastic and slip the skirt off using your fingers.  The Slip on Skirt can even be used on other lures that you currently own making it versatile in its own manner. I’ve personally used the Slip on Skirt ice fishing for Jumbo Perch and Crappie on a Swedish Pimple and it worked phenomenal!


Jimmy Pigron

Warm sunny weather this past weekend and the Pitch n twitch did it’s job. I always like the top water action and this bait does exactly what I want it to do, float, and give me side to side action like a injured bait fish. I have to say seeing a bass explode out the water with a Pitch n twitch in it’s mouth makes this my favorite bait from MBB.


Chris Leuze

FLW Co-Angler Oklahoma Division.

The Mudd Butt Baits Crave Craw and Crave Craw Jr. Review.

Recently Mudd Butt Baits has released a new Craw type of bait that is a great new addition to the Mudd Butt Baits lineup of new and unique Plastics. If you have not yet seen this bait I will break it down for you here in this quick review. The New Crave Craw and Crave Craw Jr. comes in 2 sizes. The 6 Inch full size version and the 4 inch Crave Craw Jr. version. Both styles come with built in slots that hold the Mudd Butt Baits slip on Skirts, which can really add some great pulse and flare to the baits.

I really like both the Crave Craw and Crave Craw Jr. for several reasons. After field testing both styles of the bait. They both have proven themselves to be very effective in many different situations. First off I really like the Crave Craw Jr. without the slip on skirts when you are faced with thick grass or heavy cover type of Flipping and pitching . The compact profile of the bait really punches through the heavy cover very well with a good punch setup, like a 1/2oz.-1oz. Tungsten Bullet weight pegged with a Bobber Stopper. The bait still seems to have a big enough profile to entice those bigger bites as well which is a huge plus!

Also the Crave Craw Jr, with the Mudd Butt Baits very own slip skirts rigged weightless style is hands down one of my new favorite baits to fish weightless in the late spring and during the summer months when a slow fall is absolutely essential for those finicky Bass! I have found the slow fall to be irresistible along the early forming weeds edges and along shoreline rock and rip-rap, the bass just can’t seem keep themselves from biting that pulsating skirt.. especially in the clear water.. I have had my best luck with the Punch color and the colors heavy in red flake with a matching slip on skirt or clear skirt with sliver flake to add a little more flash.

I have not used the full size Crave Craw as much as the Crave Craw Jr. yet but I have caught a few fish on it so far, and Imagine as it continues to get warmer I will start to use it more and more.

Feel Free to check out my Videos of the Crave Craw in action on You Tube. Just Type in Mudd Butt Baits Crave Craw in the search!! Also while your their check out some of the other great innovative baits Mudd Butt Baits has to Offer.

Thanks Guys and Gals and as always have fun out their on the water and tight Lines Friends!!


Robby “Kast” Kruml,

After a couple of months throwing and testing this bait I truly believe this bait can be a game changer in the fishing world. With the mix between a tube bait and a creature bait. The Crave Craw is the perfect mix for pitching heavy cover, throwing rock beds or pestering those spawning fatties. The action on these drives bass crazy. Whether you use slip sinker, swing jig, swim jig or no weight at all mark my words this bait will win you money. With the selection of colors available and the ability of adding the slip on skirt you can always match the hatch or mix up colors to confuse those stubborn mamas. I personally use a 4/0 Gamakatsu EWG offset worm hook and 1/16 oz slip sinker and I pair that up with P-Line 10, 12 or 15 LB fluorocarbon. If you are a braid user 20, 30 or 65 lb power pro or spider wire. Now good luck out there and set the hook hard.

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