Floating 4″ Frog

Hand poured to perfection, with many colors to choose from.  If you like to fish top water this bait needs to be tied on to your rod.  The popping nose mimics one of the best top water baits of all time, the slopped nose keeps the bait on top of the weeds, the ribbed body has a slit in the belly for great hook set, last but not least the twister tail.  This bait can be slowly twitched across the open water or weed beds. it can also be fished with a steady retrieve.  The bait is 4″ long and works well with a #2 or #3 thin wire wide gap hook.  This soft plastic top water bait is the first of its kind, don’t wait until your buddy has them in the boat.  Mudd Butt Baits is the most innovative/versatile soft plastic company on the market today. Get yours today.

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Floating 4
Floating 4" Frog 6 Pack
Price: $4.00
Bait Color :
Floating 4
Floating 4" Frog Two Color 6 Pack
Price: $4.50
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 TJ Sroufe

The floating frog displaces more water than any other top water bait I’ve ever used. The weedless design allows for use in open water or the thickest of cover. If I’m fishing top water you can believe I’m throwing the Mudd Butt floating frog.

Joe Combs

Being in the south I find a frog is always part of my approach to bass fishing. Once the water warms up and the topwater bite turns on I always have one tied onto one of my poles. The floating frog to me is a must have. With the commotion it can generate in the water, it is a sure fire bass killer. Whether lightly twitched or popped in open water,  this bad boy is going to draw attention. In the slop, being able to slowly walk it through the cover is also going to produce big pay offs. I have been told many times “look for the nastiest place you can find” and that is where you will find a big bass. Those words have paid off many times with me. If you are not throwing a Mudd Butt Baits Floating Frog in the slop, then you are missing out. These frogs were designed to catch big bass. There is also not another frog like it on the market at this time. Do I believe in this frog, Yes I do, or i would not put my name on it.

*If you are looking for a color of bait we do not offer, Click Here to place a Custom Order. Minimum order of 100 baits at ($4.00 single color)($5.00 two color) a pack of 5 baits. Plus shipping. We offer custom colors, scents, salted, and custom flake colors.*

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