4″ Soft Plastic Slip on Skirt

The all new Mudd Butt Baits Slip on Skirt is the only slip on skirt on the market today, so get them now.  When the fish have been hit hard and no one is catching fish, be the one that is.  The 4″ skirt will add that spark that your bait needs.  Most baits will hold the skirt in place with no glue, some may need glue.  It will not hurt to drop a small amount on the bait to keep it in place.  You can add the skirt to any or all of your plastic baits. Be gentle putting the skirt on, it may take a few to get the hang of fitting it into place. Adding water will help, you can also buy our skirt tool. This tool will open the skirt allowing you to slide the skirt onto any of your baits with ease.  The skirt will close against the bait when pulled throw the water, and open back up when at a stand still. With a small twitch of the rod, the bait comes to life.  As you pick through your old plastic baits, turn them into a new bait by sliding a skirt on it.  The skirt is made of the same plastic that my baits are made of, making them very life like in the water. Add these to your jigging spoons for ice fishing.  We all know that a jig and pig is the most used bait for bass, it has a skirt that increase the profile of the bait.  You now can increase the profile of any bait that have in the box.  Don’t miss out on the new Slip On Skirt. Mudd Butt Baits is the most innovative/versatile soft plastic company on the market today.

 Salt Infused

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4" Slip On Skirt 10 Pack
Price: $4.00
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4" Slip On Skirt Glow In The Dark 6 Pack
Price: $5.00
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Justin Walts

The first thing I noticed about Mudd Butt Baits was the versatility and quality of them.  Using the slip on skirts I changed my entire baits looks and dynamics. My favorite of the baits is the sinking Pitch & Twitch fished as a trailer on a bladed swim jig or spinner, or on a drop shot rig.  Thanks for making something that’s not like everything else on the market!  Guaranteed and proven to catch fish! Tight lines! The Slip on Skirt speaks for itself.  The Slip on Skirt can be used with any of the Mudd Butt Bait line including the 4.75 inch worm. It adds a uniqueness to each of the soft plastics by adding color variations, and profile variations that aren’t offered any where else in the market. They can be put on the baits by hand, or can be installed using the Slip on Skirt tool that Mudd Butt Baits has available for purchase.  It makes install simple, effortless and efficient.  Put the Slip on Skirt on the tool, open it and insert the Mudd Butt Bait in the Slip on Skirt it’s as simple as that!  It’s easy to remove to change colors also, just wet the soft plastic and slip the skirt off using your fingers.  The Slip on Skirt can even be used on other lures that you currently own making it versatile in its own manner. I’ve personally used the Slip on Skirt ice fishing for Jumbo Perch and Crappie on a Swedish Pimple and it worked phenomenal!