Floating 5″ Pitch’n Twitch


Do you fish top water for bass?  If you do, these baits are for you.  The Pitch’n Twitch are a hand poured bait that float a 2/0 or 3/0 thin wire wide gap hook.  These bait make a ton of surface noise calling the bass from deep in cover and deep water.  When the bass retreat to the safety of cover you can only throw other top water baits near the cover or you will get the bait hung up and wasting that cast and alerting the fish you are there.  These baits are weed less and can be thrown anywhere!   The paddle tail on the Pitch’n Twitch puts a vibration in the water that is like no other bait on the market today. The popping nose of the bait will throw water everywhere, creating a large cup of air in the water forcing the bait to dive and then retreat back to the surface. The ribs make the bait very flexible and life like.  You will catch fish right behind the guy throwing a frog or chug bug with no success. We have many colors that will fit your needs. We have caught large mouth, small mouth, and northern. I am sure it will catch others, but we have not tried. Mudd Butt Baits is the most innovative/versatile soft plastic company on the market today.

Shipping is $7.00 for first pack, .50 per extra pack.

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Floating 5
Floating 5" Picth'n Twitch 6 Pack
Price: $4.00
Bait Color :
Floating 5
Floating 5" Pitch'n Twitch Two Color 6 Pack
Price: $4.50
Bait Color :


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Jimmy Pigron

Warm sunny weather this past weekend and the Pitch n twitch did it’s job. I always like the top water action and this bait does exactly what I want it to do, float, and give me side to side action like a injured bait fish. I have to say seeing a bass explode out the water with a Pitch n twitch in it’s mouth makes this my favorite bait from MBB.