Floating 4.5″ Twitch ‘N Pop

The Pop in Twitch’n Pop is something you will have to try yourself to see how much the bass have to hit this bait. In open water or in the thickest weed bed. This bait will float a number 3 hook giving you plenty ability to get a good hook set. Having the choice to fish thick cover or open water is what makes this bait better then what is in your tackle box right now. Add this bait to you arsenal and you will start catching bass in places you have never even thought about throwing a bait. Fish it fast with a erratic retrieve or slow and let it draw the bass in to biting in the smallest of pockets of water in the weed bed or lily pads. This hand poured bait you should not be with out.

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Floating 4.75
Floating 4.75" Twitch'n Pop 6 Pack
Price: $4.00
Bait Color :
Floating 4.75
Floating 4.75" Twitch'n Pop Two Color 6 Pack
Price: $4.50
Bait Color :


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